Dear developers,

On Win10 I have a problem that the execution of the test cases aborts at this 
testGroup. I looked closer and it breaks (without a notice or error message) in 
this method:


::method  test_readRecords03

  l = .WindowsEventLog~new
  ret = l~readRecords( , , "System")
  self~assertSame(0, ret)
  self~assertSame(l~getNumber( , "System"), l~events~items)

The execution balks on 

  ret = l~readRecords( , , "System“)

And never reaches the line thereafter.

It only happens on Windows 10 and not in my test environment on Windows 7 so my 
guess is that it is related to some kind of overflow. All the testcases related 
to the WindowsEventLog are very slow, with 10 seconds on  l~readRecords so I am 
guessing I have a huge log to parse.

I used these commands to build on Win10:

cmake -G "NMake Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RELEASE 
-DDOC_SOURCE_DIR=..\..\oorexxDocs -DOS_DIST=windows ..\oorexxSVN
nmake clean
nmake nsis_template_installer

But also this produces the same result

-DOS_DIST=windows -DDOC_SOURCE_DIR=..\..\oorexxDocs ..\oorexxSVN

It is reproducible if you want me to do further tests.

P.O. Jonsson

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