Seriously, did you not not even read me email. This is totally solvable in
BSFooRexx by storing it a non-binary format defined by BSFooRexx that the
BSFooRexx framework can recognize as being a binary format that needs to be
decoded before passing it to the interpreter.  Provide a little utility
that can transform the compiled program into that format before hand.


On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 9:34 AM Rony G. Flatscher <>

> On 09.04.2019 15:13, Rick McGuire wrote:
> > And it doesn't make sense to put the onus on solving this on the
> interpreter. If it is desired to
> > store binary code in an inherently text-based interface, then BSF4ooRexx
> should handle this be
> > including a utility to perform the transform and then decoding the
> format before passing it to the
> > interpreter.
> Well, please tell IBM, Oracle and the OpenJDK community which devised and
> applied all of the Java
> scripting frameworks in the past twenty years such that they expect
> scripts to be supplied as text
> only, not as binary data.
> If a Java program employs e.g. the "javax.script" framework and it is
> supplied the name of a Rexx
> program file, the "javax.script" framework will use some ""
> to read the script from
> the file. In the case of rexxc-tokenized Rexx code the Reader will
> inadvertently destroy the binary
> data due to possible codepage translations well before BSF4ooRexx receives
> the (then ruined binary)
> script data.
> There is nothing, BSF4ooRexx could do here as it exploits/applies and
> depends on the Java scripting
> frameworks, unfortunately.
> Hence asking ooRexx to the rescue;  suggesting to add a single step before
> storing the rexxc
> produced binary data by turning the binary data into a hexadecimal string
> and store that lossless
> rendering;  and upon receiving a tokenized Rexx program adding a single
> reverse step to turn the
> hexadecimal string losslessly back into the needed binary form for
> unflatening.
> ---rony
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