In <>, Rick stated what is needed to 
run a rexxc'd
program:  "The only factors here are The bitness, the endian byte order and the 
language level
required to run the program." (So rexxc'd Rexx programs are operating system 
independent, which is

The ooRexx interpreter currently can be used to find out the current bitness
(.rexxinfo~architecture) and languagel level (.rexxinfo~languageLevel). However 
it seems there is no
means available to find out which endian byte order is in effect for the 
current system from the
ooRexx interpreter.

In addition when dealing with rexxc'd programs to the best of my knowledge 
there is currently no
ooRexx tool or function for extracting these three indicator values from the 
compiled/tokenized Rexx
program, which would be necessary for writing a script that checks the 
compiled/tokenized Rexx
programs for compatibilty against the currently running ooRexx interpreter.

So two questions (linked to the intent of creating a Rexx script that is able 
to check out the
compatibility of rexxc'd Rexx programs):

  * Where could one learn about the location and values of the three above 
indicators in a rexxc'd
    program? Is there a source file where this structure is defined, such that 
one could write a
    little Rexx script to check out the rexxc'd programs for compatibility with 
the current
    interpreter (envisioning trees of rexxc' programs with different Rexx 
interpreters that get used
    for distribution, packaging of Rexx apps)?

  * Is there already some way to figure out the endian byt order from Rexx?


P.S.: Maybe rexxc or rexx could be enhanced to accept a new switch like "-info 
which returns a blank delimited string with the three indicator values found in 
the rexxc'd file?

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