Dear developers,

I made a fresh build some days ago, r11884 and intended to run the test suite 
and got a segmentation fault:

+ rexx testOORexx.rex -s -X native_API
Searching for test containers
/home/osboxes/workspace/ line 39:  5297 Segmentation fault      
(core dumped) rexx testOORexx.rex -s -X native_API

I have copied the build steps and the core dump here 
<> if 
you want to have a look, if there is nothing to be done just say so and I will 
delete it.

It happens only the first time the test suite is run after a fresh build, and 
in my case it is all launched from a bash shell script 
launching two other scrips and

If you need more info let me know. It happened a few times already but only the 
first time, and only with a fresh build followed by the test suite execution.

Running the same build and test a 2nd time everything works like a charm and 
all tests pass.

P.O. Jonsson

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