As there has been no update so far, another attempt to learn about the current 

Background: in the past months I have been asked from different 
people/organisations/companies about
an estimate of a release date for ooRexx 5, major reason being, that they would 
not be able/risk an
installation of ooRexx 5 as long as it is officially in beta. OTOH they need 
some lead/preparation
time and would like to start as early as possible to plan or request an upgrade 
to ooRexx 5, being
eager to get at all the nice new features, but also the speed and stability 
improvements of ooRexx 5.

[Personally, I would also be interested in an estimation as a release of ooRexx 
5 would allow me to
base BSF4ooRexx and a few other little utilities on ooRexx 5 (e.g. I have an 
ooRexx utility
developed for GNU mailman which is able to anonymize all or specific users in 
the mbox files
adhering to the GDPR, if a user asks to be anonymized after having posted in a 
public mailman list,
cf. <>). (Some of the new (also native) features would prove 
*quite* helpful.)]

[Also, planning e.g. an update to the ooRexx book to incorporate the new ooRexx 
5 features depend on
the release of ooRexx 5, of course. Will have a window for doing that in July 
or August, but there
are other things on the to-do-list, so I would not plan for book updates if it 
is not likely that
the release will occur over this summer (with always the possibility that 
unforeseen circumstances
may cause delays).]

As there are people willing to give a hand for the work going with the release 
process, if it is
possible for them, then maybe coming up with a list of todos that one could 
tackle, might help the
process? (A few such attempts are in the patch tracker already.)


P.S.: Ad release cycles: if one looks at 
<> one
will learn that *every year* since the initial open source release of ooRexx 
3.0 in 2005 at least
one (minor or major) release has been done.

Since February 2014 no new release has occurred - more than five (!) years by 
now as if ooRexx was
stalled! Of course, those who have been following the ongoing development work 
know how much work
has been going on, that there has been really a *huge* effort undergoing to 
improve and incorporate
*major innovations* into ooRexx 5 in all those years! These great and highly 
welcomed enhancements
to ooRexx just have not (yet) materialized as a GA release for the public to 
see and the public to use.

Some of those sitting at the fence and watching discussions, examples of ooRexx 
5 code and maybe
have even installed over time one of the beta versions of ooRexx 5 can hardly 
wait until it gets
released such that finally they can get it in their companies installed and 
take advantage of it,
hence their questions about release dates which I just collect and carry 
forward to here, the ooRexx
developer list.

On 28.05.2019 16:09, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

> There are quite a few open patches and I wonder what its status would be 
> (e.g. test framework
> related including offered test units, or the attempts to help with the 
> documentation of the new
> semaphore classes)?
> Also, is there current work going on offline or have things slowed down a bit 
> lately?
> What is the current state of the beta?
> Just curious.
> ---rony

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