Hi Mark,

On 14.08.2019 06:10, Mark Hessling wrote:
> I had the same issue when I made the changes to the CMake processing to build 
> the RPM.  To get the
> configurability of update-alternatives I had to use a user-supplied spec file 
> rather than the
> CMake-generated one. This appears to have caused CMake to not understand 
> where the generated RPM
> file is. 
> I updated my CMake to CMake v3 and didn't get the error, however this version 
> of CMake ignored the
> name of the RPM file and used its own name.
> I don't know CMake enough to determine how to fix the build issue.
thank you very much for your information! Just saw that Enrico (IMHO *the* 
CMake guru) has also
followed up.



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