Hi there,

in the process of tidying up BSF4ooRexx Javadoc warnings got handled, and ASM 
got removed by Janino
3.0.15. In order to test this version a new beta got uploaded to

  * the version for Windows and Linux is named: 
<BSF4ooRexx_install_v641-20190821-beta.zip>; after
    unzipping change into "bsf4rexx/installation/{your-opsys}" and run 
  * the MacOSX version (includes ooRexx 5.0 r11896 beta) is named:

If you already have BSF4ooRexx installed, then make sure to uninstall it before 
installing the new
version, best via the menu "BSF4ooRexx -> Installation -> Uninstall".

Testing this version would be nice, as it more or less will be the version to 
be released by the
International Rexx symposium this September 2019. 


P.S.: The version "641" means that BSF4ooRexx runs at least on Java 6 and from 
ooRexx 4.1 up.
However, it is strongly advised to use the latest beta version of ooRexx 5.0 
due to numerous
improvements in stability, speed and features, cf.
<https://sourceforge.net/projects/oorexx/files/oorexx/5.0.0beta/>. For 
instance, most JavaFX
nutshell samples will only run, if ooRexx 5.0 is present.

P.P.S.: BSF4ooRexx is an ooRexx-Java bridge, which camouflages Java as the easy 
to use ooRexx.

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