Dear Enrico,

I have noticed this as well, it has been going on for some time I think. Tests 
fail on all platforms and the 3 you mention are, I think, related to the first 

TEST_LINEIN_BUG1472 in  Stream.testGroup

I looked a bit at it yesterday, thinking (hoping) it might only be the test 
cases that needed „fixing“ after the bug was fixed, but I think the problem 
resides in the stream class itself, and how it is implemented, look in the test 
case for info.

I noticed that the test string for TEST_LINEIN_BUG1472 testcase contained 
characters and whitespace when it failed. When I replaced this with only text 
(no cr lf or .endofline etc) the test case passed. So my guess is that there is 
still some problem with storing character strings in the stream class. It would 
explain the other test cases failing as well.

@developers: Do you want me to file a bug report or is this sufficient info?

P.O. Jonsson

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>   Class:  Stream.testGroup

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