As I reported earlier the installers for ooRexx 5.0.0 is broken for Raspberry 
P;, the /lib branch (and maybe more) is missing in the installed ooRexx. 
Running a simple rexx -v or just rexx will run and look perfectly normal but as 
soon as a library is loaded there will be a failure.

Our testing missed this since we run the test from the latest build and not 
from an installed ooRexx (to be able to test also the native APIs). ooRexx can 
be "apt installed" or "apt removed" etc so on the surface it looks ok but in 
reality it is broken. That is the bad news.

The god news is that thanks to Enrico I found out about the reason; apparently 
the culprit is the CMake that come with raspbianpios, it is to old/defect.

I have rebuilt CMake from source on both 32 bit (armv7l) and 64 bit (aarch64) 
raspbianpios and confirmed that the installed versions of ooRexx passes all 
tests in the framework. As of at least r12668 it should be ok now for 5.1.0.

At the same time I installed a GUI-less version of the 64 bit Raspbian since it 
crashed on some tests with a GUI (1 GB of memory is not sufficient to run a 
Gui+the test).

What do we do about the 5.0.0 builds? I could do retrospective builds for 5.0.0 
if there are no objections.

P.O. Jonsson

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