I have tried to close all tickets I was responsible for and moved other forward 
to 5.1.0 or 5.0.1 (change to none where I did so in error), there is only a 
small number of tickets left can you please have a look and do something about 
“your” tickets so that ooRexx can be closed.

1837    circular requires: some public classes are not visible
1825    CALL with literal name should bypass internal labels
1786    RexxPullFromQueue() returning invalid data for a null queue entry
1774    Building and Testing on Windows 8
1773    Android build issues
1768    ncurses.cls doesn't build on some platforms
1763    StreamSocket issues
1762    pushing very large data hangs RexxQueue
1742    Stream RECLENGTH 1 issues
1734    Hang with multiple threads
1675    classic lineout()
1656    Lineout fails (at 2nd call) when path case not matched
1447    Clean builds without compiler warnings

P.O. Jonsson

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