I have set up Jenkins to be able to send Email following a build failure, the 
title above is from a (fake) error on macOS build. The standard notification 
have this default setup:

If configured, Jenkins will send out an e-mail to the specified recipients when 
a certain important event occurs.

Every failed build triggers a new e-mail.

A successful build after a failed (or unstable) build triggers a new e-mail, 
indicating that a crisis is over.

An unstable build after a successful build triggers a new e-mail, indicating 
that there's a regression.

(Unless configured, every unstable build triggers a new e-mail, indicating that 
regression is still there.) 

It can be set up on a user basis and you will then only receive notification if 
you (or someone else) messed up a commit so there should not be many 
notifications going out ;-)

It is also possible to receive notification for every build, and for all 
platforms or only a selection. Send me an email off the list if you are 
interested indicating Email and what platforms you are interested in.

P.O. Jonsson

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