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I've checked out the website code as per René & Mark:

svn checkout svn+ssh://[SFID] <> .

 I've added the changes Jon provided.

I've run commit (am I missing something here? there's a checkout but no checkin?)

svn commit -m"add link to GA 5.0.0 download"

This fails, I think for lack of update authority on the part of my taf23 sf id.  Should I pass the changes on to a committer?

Separately, but relatedly,

René mentions: "You can author (and test) changes at your machine and check them in, and push them to the server with an svn up in the website directory."

As above checkin doesn't seem to be an option, commit is the operation, right?

push them to the server this means publish them on the website? with svn up[date] from (while ssh-ed into the} website?

Finally, Mark & René:  We want the ooRexx site to be driven by ooRexx, and my first attempt at this will be to follow along with the NetRexx website, substituting rexx server pages (.rsp) for the places where netrexx uses .nsp. Is ooRexx installed on the web server?  If not, can ite be?  If it is or can be, can I install mod_rexx to support the rexx server pages?  If ooRexx is available, but mod_rexx cannot be installed, I'll resort to rexx under cgi.

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