Hi Erich,

to your questions:

Yes, ist Perfectly Fine to build for 32 bit on a 64 bit machine. Its also 
possible to build for ARM on any host system. Its as simple as setting a flag 
to do so.
At the moment Im on x86_64 and build for x86_64. So no difference.

Im running a virtual device on my laptop. Its much more comfortable to work 
like that.

There are 2 ways to install the Android NDK. As far as I know, there is a 
standalone version which I think is CLI.
Just for building this is perfectly fine. But in most cases Android Studio is 
necessary for one or the other reason.

So, I just can explain the process in combination with Android Studio. In fact, 
I did so in my Seminar Paper. I will attach it for you. Every step should be 
explained in my paper. Still, if you run into troubles just reach out.

Best regards

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Betreff: Re: [Oorexx-devel] Update on ooRexx -> Android

Hi Thomas,
the CMake config issues seem to be fixed. Found and not found configs look 

I'm not aware of any other ooRexx cross-compile attempt, so this is new 
territory for us.
To complete your build you can try commenting out the six lines after # Build 
the rexx.img file
and add a line
message(STATUS "rexximage ${ORX_IMAGE_OUTPUT_LOCATION}/rexx.img")
When the build has completed you can run the built rexximage executable in an 
Android shell.
The above message will show you which argument you should supply (although the 
path might be different between what your compile host sees and what the 
Android shell sees).

Moving an existing rexx.img might also work as long as host and Android are the 
same bitness and architecture.

Are you cross-building for a different architecture, like from x86 to ARM?
Does the cross build allow building Android 32 bit (when your host is 64 bit)?
Do you run the Android code on an Emulator or are you pushing the build 
artifacts to an actual Android hardware?
Did you note down the steps necessary to successfully set up Android NDK and 
Emulator for an ooRexx cross-compile?  If yes, can you share the them?
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