Since a few minutes there is a new beta version of BSF4ooRexx850 available from Sourceforge. If no show-stopper errors get reported then this version will get released by this year's International Rexx symposium at the beginning of March in the area auf Brisbane, Australia (consider to offer a talk with your experiences and expertise of Rexx, NetRexx, ooRexx, BSF4ooRexx on PCs, workstations or mainframes, cf. <>).

About this beta:

   BSF4ooRexx850 exploits a Java feature introduced with Java 1.6/6, allowing 
to denote an asterisk
   (*) in a CLASSPATH path which causes Java to load all jar-/JAR-files in that 
directory to
   CLASSPATH. As a result one can just copy needed jar files into that 
directory and all their Java
   classes become available to the ooRexx programs without a need to adjust 

   If Java gets loaded by Rexx that asterisk needs to be processed by 
BSF4ooRexx matching the Java
   processing which this new release incorporates and got tested on Windows, 
Linux and Apple/Darwin.

   On Windows the jar folder's location is at 
"%ProgramFiles%\BSF4ooRexx850\lib" on Unix at
   "/opt/BSF4ooRexx850/lib". So adding jar-files for ooRexx, just copy them 
into that directory and
   you can exploit them immediately thereafter (no need to adjust CLASSPATH 


   On Windows the .Net support is now adjusted to take advantage of 
   Please note: the .Net-support ("CLR", common language runtime) is currently 
restricted to Java 8.

   (If you need to run newer versions of Java it is still possible to employ 
Java 8 - and any other
   Java version - in parallel. Just ask if you need help for such a 
configuration/setup. One can
   define a specific Java to use by defining the environment variable JAVA_HOME 
with the path to
   the root of the desired Java version.)


   JDOR (Java2D for ooRexx) has been completed and augmented (e.g. now all HTML 
color names can be
   used directly). There are numerous small JDOR samples in 
BSF4ooRexx850/samples. The
   documentation can be located in menu "BSF4ooRexx850 -> Information", then 
double-click on the
   folder named "jdor", then double-click on the file "jdor_doc.html" 
(temporarily it is available
   via the Internet from <>). 
Also there is a short
   video demonstrating JDOR at <>.

   JDOR ("Java Drawing for ooRexx")  turns awt's Java2D into very simple, easy 
to use Rexx
   commands! All such Rexx programs can create any kind of bitmaps that run 
*unchanged on all
   platforms* where Java and ooRexx are available, notably Windows, Apple and 
Linux. It is a good
   reason to touch and to play with ooRexx! ;)

   With other words: JDOR allows any Rexx programmer to create cool 2D graphics 
in a Rexx'ish, i.e.
   in a very easy and intuitively understandable way! :-)


   macOS: there is still a full GUI installer available for macOS which 
includes the latest ooRexx
   5.1.0beta (of release quality!) and the latest BSF4ooRexx850. The 
installation will not get
   carried out, if the machine has Rexx installed already (checking for 

   In that case you may want to use the zip archive 
   to install BSF4ooRexx850 on macOS (in this case it gets installed to 
/opt/BSF4ooRexx850 like on
   the other Unix installations).

Here the URL to download the latest version of BSF4ooRexx850:

The supported platforms out of the box are Linux and Windows in 32-bit and 64-bit, for Intel or ARM, and for macOS 64-bit for Intel and ARM. The installation of BSF4ooRexx850 will determine the platform and install the appropriate platform support.

BSF4ooRexx850 is an external Rexx function package for ooRexx that creates a seemless integration with your installed Java. All of Java becomes Rexx/ooRexx, no need to learn Java at all!

Please check it out and if you find bugs or have questions, then please let us 

Enjoy unlimited possibilities with this cool combination in an unmatched 
easiness! It'll pay for you!


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