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An obvious candidate for testing this might be the test framework for ooRexx. When running the tests on Windows (7,8,10,11) it invariably gets stuck at the very end (after a successful test run ) suggesting a dangling/blocked process somewhere in the framework that prevent the testing to exit.
This only happens when running Windows in a virtual machine, we do not see it when testing on native Windows. This gives a possibility to compare.

Feel free to use any of the Windows WMs connected to Jenkins.

Currently I am afraid, that I do not have the necessary time. However, we can do so together once the concept and the implementation gets accepted such that investing further time is not "a fond perdu".

Personally I have also use cases where the multihtreaded trace will be important (and instrumental to even dare to debug one particular complex one). But for that I also need time to create an analyzer that would run the program concurrently and once deadlocked use the collected TraceObjects and analyze them (e.g. marking method routine traces in which state they are effectively and then hopefully becoming able to understand what is happening where, etc.).

The creation of the working test version has costed me already much more time 
than budgeted.

Need now time to finalize papers, grading students, creating the RexxLA symposium presentations and much more. So I hope that the "working test version" is acceptable and does not have errors (and if so, fixing them not being too time consuming).

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