*Wow*, that was fast, the rendered PDF and HTML version is already online!


On 24.03.2024 14:52, Rony G. Flatscher wrote:

Writing up the documentation for the new TraceObject class and the new subchapter for debugging multithreaded programs has turned out to be quite a hefty piece of work despite having already the raw text available (and adhering to it).

In the end, the rexxref sections that play a role in tracing multithreaded programs are now interlinked (like REPLY, GUARD keyword statements) such that one should be able to get to the referenced parts just by clicking on the respective word.

Jenkins should produce a pdf-version in the next hours such that you can download rexxref.pdf from <https://sourceforge.net/projects/oorexx/files/oorexx-docs/5.1.0beta/>. Once you can get at the new version, here are the new (sub) chapters:

  * 5.4.25. *NEW* TraceObject Class
  * 15.4. *NEW* Debugging Multithreaded Programs

Not being a native English speaker I would appreciate any corrections and suggestions to improve the text.

Please also point out any errors or omissions that you find.


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