In ooRexx there is an interesting trace line that informs when a routine or method is entered. "2.29.5. The Format of Trace Output" reads:

   Identifies an entry to a routine or method. This trace entry will only 
appear if tracing is enabled
   using the ::OPTIONS directive using TRACE A, TRACE R, TRACE I or TRACE L.

There is no counterpart trace entry in those cases that would identify when a routine or method is exited (maybe it even could indicate whether a value gets returned). Maybe such a new trace entry could indicate the exit with the prefix: <I< (the angle brackets pointing to the opposite direction of the entry prefix).

Since the introduction of TraceObject each trace line will be time stamped, and if there was a trace line created for exiting as well then it would become possible to use the time stamps to calculate the time spent in a routine or method between the entry and the exit when analyzing collected trace objects. Among other things this could be used to create profiling data for routines and methods.

What do you think?


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