Finally resolved this.   The server used to accept:
  LIST -al *.*
but the pattern *.* now causes a 'syntax error'.  Removed it, and all is
fine; no change to the RxFTP class needed, although one has to pass ''
(empty string)to ftpdir to prevent a different pattern (./*) being added.


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Subject: Re: [Oorexx-devel] Status of RxFTP

OK, thanks ... in fact upload to the ISP is just running the Rexx program
that I wrote many years ago and has worked with 5 ISPs so far with no
problems until a month ago ...
But thanks for the ideas, in case I have to give up on FTP.  In practice I
just try things out in my own directories before uploading to ISP.  It is
all static pages/files so nothing to test, really.

Hi Mike, 

This might be a dumb proposal but does refreshing the browser help? F5 on my

FWIW I use XAMPP <>  to try my www
stuff locally. Open source and after installing to a place where you have
access rights you can put your stuff in the htdocs folder and start the
server from a control panel. After that you access the web page on
localhost. Restarting the web server is then just a click on a button.

The only snag is that you may need to change hardcoded paths for the test,
but it is way more convenient for trying things out than uploading to a paid

I use ssh/scp instead of ftp to shuffle files btw.

P.O. Jonsson

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