Hello all, is it currently possible to do a join with the json filter file that 
the action_trigger_runner.pl uses?  I would like to join the actor.usr table in 
the checkout.due hook, so I can limit based on the first letter of the patron's 
last name.  I'm looking to gradually send out bills over the course of a week 
or two based on users last names.

I think the answer is no, it looks like the filter key is only for the where 

I tried adding in a join like this
"checkout.due" :
    { "context_org" : "circ_lib",
      "filter"      :
            { "checkin_time"  : null,
              "-or"           :
                    [ { "stop_fines"  : ["MAXFINES"] },
                      { "stop_fines"  : null }
              "xact_start" : {"<":"2015-09-01 00:00:00-05"},
              "join" : { "au" :{ "field":"id",

But that threw an error, looks like the join needs to be up a level from what I 
can access.

Would anyone else be interested in allowing joins in the json filter file?  
Maybe   OpenILS/Application/Trigger.pm create_batch_events() could grab the 
join data from the filter hash and place it with the other join to allow this 


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