Thanks Chris, then that’s what we’ll do. Thank you.

I’ll update this list again when I’ve updated the wiki page and again when the 
implementation is ready for code review. I’ll start a separate thread if we 
need any help understanding how to build Library Settings under the hood!

Julian Clementson
Full stack software engineer

From: Open-ils-dev <> on behalf 
of Chris Sharp <>
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Date: Monday, 9 September 2019 at 18:06
To: Evergreen Development Discussion List 
Subject: Re: [OPEN-ILS-DEV] Feature Proposal - OpenAthens integration


We've discussed this on the PINES end of things, and we agree with Jeff's 
approach to use the Library Settings infrastructure if it's feasible on your 
end.  This question occurred to me (the use of a global flag) when you demo-ed 
the prototype for our staff, but I didn't bring it up because, as you 
mentioned, ours is a limited use case, but if it's doable, making the feature 
more usable for other Evergreen instances would be beneficial all around.  It's 
also in line with how other third parties have written add-ons/crosswalks for 
Evergreen in the past.

Please let us know if you need any further confirmation from the PINES end.

Thanks to both you and Jeff for having this open discussion!


On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 11:51 AM Julian Clementson 
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for that helpful explanation. I've had a look round Local Administration 
and seen how settings have an organisational unit scope, which we would need 
for this as well. So long as Evergreen is flexible enough to add new settings 
that work in the same way, then it should keep everyone happy. So then I think 
the aim then would be for OpenAthens settings to be its own page under Local 

I'm hoping we get some detailed feedback from someone who is closer to PINES as 
well, then we can confirm this is valid. I'll start drafting the second option 
in more detail on the wiki page anyway and let everyone know when it's ready to 


Julian Clementson
Full stack software engineer

On 05/09/2019, 22:03, "Open-ils-dev on behalf of Jeff Davis" 
 on behalf of<>> wrote:

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for the detailed response.  If auth models where Evergreen is not
    the ID provider are simply out of scope, fair enough. :)

    As for supporting multiple OpenAthens domains per Evergreen instance,
    Evergreen has fairly robust support for assigning different settings to
    different libraries within the same consortium.  Based on a naive
    reading of your proof-of-concept, it would be pretty straightforward to
    change your global flags to library settings.  For example, in, instead of this:

    my $openathens_config = $ctx->{openathens_config};

    you could do something like this:

    my $openathens_config = $ctx->{get_org_setting}->(
       $org_unit, 'openathens_config');

    which would grab the appropriate value for the "openathens_config"
    setting from the actor.org_unit_setting database table instead of
    config.global_flag.  Lookups in EGCatLoader/ would work the
    same way, you'd just need to define your context library before looking
    up any settings using something like this:

    my $org_unit = $ctx->{physical_loc} || $ctx->{aou_tree}->()->id;

    If I understand correctly, this would allow a single Evergreen instance
    to support multiple OpenAthens domains without having to do any
    partitioning in OpenAthens.  It would also support cases where not all
    of the libraries in a consortium are OpenAthens customers (my consortium
    has over 70 libraries and only one uses OpenAthens; I'd like to use
    OpenAthens login at that one library and native Evergreen login at all
    the others).  It's only a suggestion, but I think this approach would
    address the PINES use case equally well while also making the current
    development more useful to future potential customers.


    On 2019-09-05 1:29 a.m., Julian Clementson wrote:
    > Hi Jeff,
    > You're right to point out that this feature has a limited scope. I've 
only been looking at the public library case, where Evergreen is the identity 
provider. That's the current feature that we at OpenAthens have been asked to 
contribute to Evergreen for the benefit of Georgia Public Libraries and any 
other public library consortia that are also OpenAthens customers.
    > For the type of post-secondary case you describe, OpenAthens can already 
be configured to authenticate against other identify providers, such as Active 
Directory. What's missing is being able to configure Evergreen to authenticate 
against either Active Directory locally, or against OpenAthens, which in turn 
authenticates against whichever identity provider is configured for a 
particular library. I think adding new ways of authenticating into Evergreen 
should be treated as separate features. They are quite different from this 
feature, which is about using Evergreen to authenticate into another system. 
That's not to say the OpenAthens team would never contribute a separate feature 
for authenticating into Evergreen using OpenAthens, or provide help to someone 
else who wants to take it on - just to make clear that it's not in scope for 
the current round of work that's been triggered by the GALILEO single sign-on 
    > Going back to the feature for using Evergreen to authenticate into 
OpenAthens, and to answer your second question, a single OpenAthens domain per 
Evergreen instance is certainly simpler to implement, and is the solution 
preferred by OpenAthens. If the consortium needs partitioning between libraries 
within OpenAthens, we propose that the top-level administrator for the 
consortium would create sub-organisations within the OpenAthens domain, one for 
each library, and set up mapping rules to map users into different 
sub-organisations depending on their home library setting. Each 
sub-organisation would have an associated administrator account that the branch 
librarian could use to view their local users and resource usage stats. The 
ability to set up these sub-organisations and mapping rules already exists in 
OpenAthens. Whereas if we were to implement multiple OpenAthens domains per 
Evergreen instance, we would have to develop a similar mapping feature within 
the Evergreen code. It's not impossible but is duplicating a feature we already 
have in OpenAthens. But if anyone thinks that the proposed way of doing things 
would be a show-stopper for the PINES consortium implementation, then we'll 
have to re-think!
    > Regards,
    > Julian
    > ─────
    > Julian Clementson
    > Full stack software engineer
    > On 03/09/2019, 18:48, "Open-ils-dev on behalf of Jeff Davis" 
 on behalf of<>> wrote:
    >      Hi there,
    >      It's exciting to hear that OpenAthens integration is in the works!  
    >      have several libraries that will be very interested.  Thanks also for
    >      the detailed proposal and documentation.
    >      I have a couple of questions.  The proposal seems to assume that
    >      Evergreen will be the authoritative identity provider, but I think 
    >      often won't be the case for OpenAthens customers.  Suppose I'm at a
    >      post-secondary institution that uses a centralized Active Directory
    >      service for single sign-on.  I want students to use their SSO
    >      credentials to be able to login to library resources including online
    >      databases and the Evergreen OPAC, so ideally OpenAthens would
    >      authenticate against my institution's Active Directory, not against
    >      Evergreen.  The development proposal says that resource-initiated 
    >      must be delegated to Evergreen, which sounds like users would be
    >      authenticated against EG instead of Active Directory.  Am I
    >      understanding correctly?
    >      The proposal also says that only a single OpenAthens domain is 
    >      for an entire Evergreen consortium.  Are there technical limitations
    >      that make this necessary?  There will be cases where multiple 
    >      sharing the same Evergreen instance will want to have their own
    >      independent OpenAthens setup, but it sounds like the proposal 
    >      that.
    >      Thanks again!  I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
    >      Jeff Davis
    >      BC Libraries Cooperative
    >      On 2019-09-02 3:06 a.m., Julian Clementson wrote:
    >      > Hello everyone,
    >      >
    >      > I'd like to introduce a new feature proposal and ask for your 
    >      >
    >      > Launchpad link -
    >      >
    >      > The feature will provide integration between Evergreen and 
OpenAthens, a
    >      > global cloud-based single sign-on service.
    >      >
    >      > The background is that the GALILEO Consortium of libraries in 
    >      > has selected OpenAthens to deliver a state-wide solution for single
    >      > sign-on, and this contract includes integrating Evergreen into
    >      > OpenAthens, so that PINES patrons can seamlessly access
    >      > OpenAthens-authenticated resources.
    >      >
    >      > The OpenAthens development team has been contracted to implement 
    >      > integration on behalf of GPLS, and I've been assigned as the lead
    >      > developer for the project. I demonstrated a proof of concept to 
    >      > representatives of the Evergreen community and the PINES 
consortium back
    >      > in July. The aim is to get this feature accepted into an upcoming
    >      > release so that it is ready for PINES to start using towards the 
end of
    >      > the year.
    >      >
    >      > I have now documented the feature in detail on DocuWiki - see
    >      >
    >      >
    >      > I have also published the proposed code changes and documentation,
    >      > subject to community review of course - see
    >      >
    >      >
    >      > I welcome feedback and discussion, so as to improve the feature
    >      > description and get the code into a state where the community is 
    >      > to accept it.
    >      >
    >      > Thank you and kind regards,
    >      >
    >      > Julian
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