Hello Everyone!

I'm new to the this listserv.  The introductory email I received asked me to 
introduce myself to everyone.

I'm the Distance Services & Research Librarian at Asbury University in Wilmore, 
KY.  I've been in the position for about 8 months and so far am really enjoying 
it.  As part of my responsibilities, I will be working a lot with Evergreen, 
specifically with cataloging and management.  I'm just learning the system so I 
thank you in advance for any assistance and knowledge you will share.

I do have a question to begin.  One of our staff members is having difficulty 
using the online system.  She can add and edit MARC records when she uses the 
downloaded client, but when she tries to do this in the online version, she is 
unable to save any changes.  This is problematic as we are officially switching 
to the online version in a few weeks.

I can't see that her status or administrative privileges are different in 
either location.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?  Any ideas on how to 
fix it?

Thank you so much!


Bethany R. Groves
Distance Services & Research Librarian
Kinlaw Library
Asbury University
One Macklem Drive
Wilmore, KY  40390
p. (859) 858-3511 x 2269


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