Hi guys,

Sounds like the conference was great!

I have a mystery.  I had evergreen running on this very computer. I moved
it to a different location, and now apache won't start.

The cause is apparently a syntax error on line 220 in apache2.conf. The
line in question is the one that reads

IncludeOptional sites-enabled/*.conf

I looked at all the conf files in that directory and nothing popped out at

I did do an "apt-get update/upgrade" before trying to start evergreen, and
 thought maybe a file or two was overwritten, but I can't find any evidence
of that.

following the "starting evergreen" stanza of the install docs all works as
expected except when I try to start apache.  commenting out line 220 will
allow apache to start, but not enabled for eg.

I tried to issue new certificates--nothing.

What am I missing? What happened?

Thanks for the help.

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