Do you mean something other than record buckets? You can put bib records in a 
bucket and then select to merge them. The records open tiled vertically and you 
select the lead (retained) one. In this interface you can edit the record if 
you want to include something from the merged record in the retained record. If 
you edit using the flat text editor you can copy and drag the data from one 
record to another. The merged record will then show as deleted. Merging records 
this way links the TCN, although the retained record doesn't display it.


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Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Programmatic Merging of Bibliographic Records

I raised the question at the conference regarding the ability to merge records 
outside the program interface and was told there was a procedure/function that 
would allow this to be done.  Does anyone know where I can find this function?  
 My searching has availed me naught.  I found something under the Vandelay 
tables but not sure it is what I am needing as the above mentioned function is 
supposed to take two tcn numbers.



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