Thanks for this as well.   I have a list I produced but guessing your process 
is even more thorough than mine so will take a look. 


Yes.  I probably annoy the librarians sometimes with all the previewing/testing 
I request before making batch changes but so far there hasn’t been much weeping 
and gnashing of teeth when all is said and done so hopefully I will continue 
the trend J


Thanks again.




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Hi Jim,


It is available.  To be clear I helped create the de-duplication algorithm but 
the actual coding was done by Galen Charlton of  Equinox.  You can find it 


The full scope of the script goes a bit beyond the original question as it also 
does de-duplication before the merging.  The merging work is done by the 
merge_record_assets function that Jason referenced.  


Whatever method you use I heartily recommend doing so on a testing system and 
having catalogers look over the results first.

You may have already done all the due diligence but I say it for anyone reading 
along as well.  I've never had problems with 

this method and heard back from others with positive success with it as well 
but I also heard from at least one whose data 

was apparently different enough that it was not a clean merge.  Caveat usor, 
let the user beware.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 2:36 PM, swills 
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Rogan Hamby shared his work with me.  It's a set of SQL procedures that product 
a 'best bib' and then identifies the less interesting duplicate and it seems to 
work well.  I modified it so that it produces the candidates but doesn't 
actually do the merge since we like to have that personal touch up in Maine.  
I'm not sure if it is in Evergreen Repos or not?

Rogan, can you help and thanks again.

Steve Wills

On April 25, 2016 at 2:24 PM Jim Taylor <> wrote:

I raised the question at the conference regarding the ability to merge records 
outside the program interface and was told there was a procedure/function that 
would allow this to be done.  Does anyone know where I can find this function?  
 My searching has availed me naught.  I found something under the Vandelay 
tables but not sure it is what I am needing as the above mentioned function is 
supposed to take two tcn numbers.









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