Hello, we are getting ready to re-start our billing process, and I'm trying to 
figure out how to make sure we don't double bill those that had migrated 
replacement/lost bills.

When we migrated we requested that our billed items be brought in with checked 
out status, because that is what we were used to in Millennium.  We didn't 
understand the problem that would cause down the road.  So now I'm seeing that 
if we just run the MarkItemsLost action trigger, customers that had replacement 
bills migrated will get a second bill for the same item, because all the copies 
have a checked out status.  I think we should have brought those all in as lost 
status without an open circ transaction to match up with how Evergreen handles 

All our migrated bills came in as grocery bills that are not directly linked to 
the items.  So the bills have to be removed manually when the items are 
returned, and if the bill is paid, staff have to remember to check in and mark 
the item lost and paid.

So I think I have a few options.

1.       Adjust the json filter file to exclude the copies that have migrated 
bills.  Is it possible to do a not exists subquery in json query?  I need to 
check the money.billable_xact+money.billings for a copy barcode in the 
billings.note field.

2.       Change the status of all the items that were migrated in billed to 
lost and close out the circ so they get excluded that way?

3.       Manually add entries to the action_trigger.events table so those 
circulations would be skipped?

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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