As we have begun to implement selfcheck, I have hit some snags and could use a little direction. I was hoping some of you with more experience could shed some light on the following items.

1. We're trying to get selfcheck to ignore copy alert messages, etc., so patrons don't see "Unable to check out item [BARCODE]. Please see staff," every time there is an issue. We put the value "COPY_ALERT_MESSAGE" in the "selfcheck override events list" in the Library Settings Editor. When a barcode is scanned, we no longer get the error; however, nothing happens. The check out doesn't complete. In researching the issue, I came across a thread on the listserv ( It appears to be the same issue, but I didn't see a resolution.

2. How do you configure selfcheck to accept patron barcodes and not their login names?

Thanks for any assistance.

Chauncey G. Montgomery, MLIS
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