Hello all!

Only a day late than originally promised, here is the proposed
schedule for the 2.11 release.

2.11 Alpha: Wednesday, July 27
2.11 Beta and feature freeze: Wednesday, August 17, three weeks later
2.11 RC1: Wednesday, September 7, three weeks later
2.11.0: Wednesday, September 21, two weeks later

As mentioned, it hews closely to the 2.9 schedule, just shifting a
week here or there.  Like Jason did, I want to align the beta feature
freeze and .0 cutting with regular maintenance releases of prior

I promised a set of lists along with the schedule setting down the LP
bugs I hope to help wrangle before the Beta cut-off.  Unfortunately
for the purpose of making the promised email deadline (and fortunately
for every other purpose) bug squashing day kept changing those lists
right under me!  Thus, my delay in this email.  I'll be revising that
separately and sending that along soon.

Thanks, all!  Questions? Ask away.

Mike Rylander
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