Re: 1:  I am +1 to the criteria, as they seem quite reasonable.

Re: 2, 3:  I say also +1 to translations coordinator role and yay,
thanks Eva for volunteering!

Re: 4:  I agree that the release manager can be a primary contact for
the translations coordinator.

Re: 6:  I think that initial list of languages seems a reasonable
starting point.  We can still add other languages back before the next
major series is released if they begin to show more activity per
criteria established.

Re: 7, that's a concern of mine in how development and translations
are being handled by the community.  Right now, the release process
steps list out that string freeze happens at "beta" time, meaning
prior to that point, any changes can be made to strings in master as
it develops.  Between beta and release, no one should merge any
changes that alter the strings in the files.

Launchpad does not appear to have any notification options for the
arrival of new strings to translate.  In the past, I think we used the
email announcement of "beta" to indicate that it was time to begin
translations by interested parties.  Given the timeframe though
between beta and release candidate / .0 first release, I have been
concerned that there is not enough time given over to translations.
When I was RM, I ended up unofficially making the .1 release an
additional translations sync to get more strings done into an actual

Based on Mike Rylander's email regarding the 2.11 timetable (see, I wonder if we should
consider doing multiple template string updates to try giving more
than just a chance at beta time.  Meaning, we should do a translation
templates (POT) sync at alpha time and beta time; with a freeze on
string changes at beta time.  And sync from Launchpad translations for
POs at beta, RC, and final release too to grab progress as it occurs.
That said, the vast majority of major changes happen at Beta time,
when most code changes get pushed in.

For devs, see:

Thinking ahead, the biggest changes will likely be for TPAC and
webstaff files with any catalog changes and new development for
modules in the web-based staff client.

-- Ben

On Wed, Jun 8, 2016 at 12:07 PM, Cerninakova Eva <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to summarize the previous discussion about (not) including languages
> and translations  to Evergreen according to actual translations
> activity/support:
> 1) For the future releases the translation should be supported only when it
> meets at least one of the following criteria:
>         - At least  70 % of translations are complete
>         - Translations have been updated within the past 12 months and at
> least 50 % are complete
>         - It is known there is someone actively working on the translations
>         - There is a known living Evergreen catalog using the given language
>         - The en-* variation of translations should have an exception from
> criteria above as they are a special case.
> 2)  Role of translations coordinator
>         - He/she should communicate with translators  and provide
> information from Evergreen translators to developers and vice versa
>         - If possible he/she should help translators with issues related to
> Evergreen translations in Launchpad etc.
> 3) As I have already noted before I can volunteer as  a translations
> coordinator  at present.
> 4) It will be necessary to fix the person I shall communicate with. Should
> this person be release manager? Or anyone else?
> 5) I am planning to contact translators to all languages and find out
> information about the situation of particular  translations (if it is
> supported, used  etc.).  I suppose I will use Launchpad for it. However it
> will be very helpful if you send me names (or contact also if possible)  of
> translators if  you have an information about them.
> 6) From the previous conversation I understood that the proposal to skip
> some unused languages concerns the future releases. It seems reasonable to
> me as Idon´t think I will be able gather all  information necessary for the
> decision whether  (not) to include particular language soon enough before
> 2.11 release (I am currently working on a project with quite close deadline
> so I have limited time available).
> However If there is a general consensus that we want to cut off the
> unsupported languages immediately, according to criteria mentioned above
> following languages should be definitely included to Evergreen at the
> moment:
> cs-CZ  -- Czech (98,77 % complete)
> hy-AM  -- Armenian (79.18% complete)
> fi-FI  -- Finnish (73.09% complete)
> en-CA  -- English (Canada) (70.73% complete + "en-*" variation )
> en-GB  -- English (UK) (66,89 % complete - active within past 12 months +
> "en-*" variation)
> pt-BR  -- Brazilian Portuguese (58.84% complete -  active within past 12
> months)
> fr-CA  -- French (52.84% complete - active within past 12 months)
> es-ES  -- Spanish (39.57% complete but there is known activity and number of
> translations continues to grow every day :-) )
> 7) As a person trying to watch the new strings to translate I would
> appreciate having information about new parts of Evergreen to translate
> actually added to Launchpad. Does anyone know if it is possible to make some
> setting in Launchpad to get information about newly added translation
> strings? May be there is such function  and I only  was not able to discover
> it. Or  (in case it is not)  would it be possible to send me a message when
> new translation strings are added?  -  I will share the information with
> other translators too. Thanks a lot.
> Eva
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> 2016-06-03 20:01 GMT+02:00 Rogan Hamby <>:
>> If you're volunteering I think you would be great for the role.  :)
>> On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 1:57 PM, Cerninakova Eva <> wrote:
>>> 2016-06-03 15:18 GMT+02:00 Galen Charlton <>:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> On Fri, Jun 3, 2016 at 8:59 AM, Cerninakova Eva <> wrote:
>>>> > I wonder what  would the "translation coordinator" exactly mean?
>>>> > Would it just meen to keep an eye on translation statuses and activity
>>>> > in
>>>> > Launchpad and  communicate with translators on one side  and Evergreen
>>>> > developers on the other side good time before the Evergreen release?
>>>> Yes. In addition, a translation coordinator might also help
>>>> translators if they have questions about how to use Launchpad and how
>>>> to deal with any quirks of Evergreen's strings.
>>> O.K.
>>> I think I have already done some portion of translations in Lanchpad so
>>> it should not be a big problem ;-)
>>> I might probably need help with some issues like where I can  find
>>> information on dates of new Evergreen releases and related matters   etc.
>>> Eva
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