Hello Amy,

I have never set one consortium wide but I imagine it is no different that
setting one for an individual library.

What you are looking for is located in Admin-->Local Admin-->Hold Policies.
You can limit the total number of requests placed. I looked over the
settings and I believe it treats all requests (title/copy/volume) the same.
As for you patrons who already have items requested that exceed your
proposed limit I believe that it will still requesting those 30 items but
they will not be able to request additional items until their number of
requests get below 5 or whatever your new limit is.

I hope this helps and anyone correct me if I am wrong.



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On Wed, Jun 22, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Amy Terlaga <terl...@biblio.org> wrote:

> Hi all--
> We here at Bibliomation *think* there is a way in Evergreen to set
> consortially a limit on the total number of hold requests that can be
> placed for patrons.  For instance, we're thinking of restricting it to 5
> total at one time for all patrons.
> Has anyone on the list limited the number of total requests?  Can it be
> done for just title requests?  What happens to those patrons that already
> have, say, 30 requests, and we put this into place?  Do they have to wait
> until their requests get down to 4 before another one will go through?
> Any information provided on this feature would be greatly appreciated.
> Since we're not even sure if this feature exists, we have no idea how to
> set it.
> Thanks!
> Amy
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