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Hi group!

What does permission code EVERYTHING mean? Seems like that would be
self-explanatory, but user groups with that permission code don't have
the permissions I'd expect them to (like System and Global
Administrators.) Do I still have to select permissions manually?

It means what it says, they have permission to do everything at the depth of the EVERYTHING permission.

It could be that you have not set the depth to the desired level. It could be that the permission checks are checking at a different org. unit from the user's work_ou. Many of the copy and patron level checks will check at the copy's or patron's home library. If that is outside the range of the permission depth, then the EVERYTHING permission does no good.

Also, when you have this permission, it just shows up as EVERYTHING. It doesn't add all the other permissions. The permissions code generally checks for the desired permission or the EVERYTHING permission at the given depth. There were some bugs that were fixed a few years ago, but there could be some lingering places where the checks are not taking EVERYTHING into account, though I doubt it.

I appreciate everyone's insight and patience as we muddle through this

Thank you!


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