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We don't order our bib & item records from a vendor. Instead we use JTacq
freeware <http://www.jtdata.com/jtacq.html>. First we use it to identify
the cheapest source to purchase a title from. We then use it to batch pull
permanent bib records from OCLC. JTacq is also used to generate and apply a
963 field(s) on each bib record. Our 963 tag contains subfields for all
item record data, including the call number. So if there is a call number
on the bib record, it will be duplicated in the 963 field.

Evergreen first requires the definition of a 9xx field so that it knows
what data to apply to what item record field. You must then define the 9xx
field for every single vendor that you purchase from.

Essentially the bib/item records JTacq supplies are identical to the ones
you purchase from a vendor, only way cheaper. The Evergreen import process
for JTacq supplied records and vendor supplied record are identical. We use
Vandelay for everything we purchase.

We routinely use these permanent bibs to populate a PO as part of the
import process. That means that when the title arrives in the library, it
is a very quick process to receive the item, make labels and send it out
the door to circulation.

Feel free to contact me, off list, if you want more specifics.


Full Disclosure: I have given input to Jim Taylor for almost 2 decades as
he has developed JTacq. It is very robust, mature software. We couldn't
survive without it.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 4:35 PM, Glen Modell <mode...@aadl.org> wrote:

> Hello, this is Glen at the Ann Arbor District Library in Michigan.  We are
> not on Evergreen but are exploring it.  I would appreciate advice from
> anyone who is purchasing new bibliographic / item record combinations from
> vendors such as Baker & Taylor.  Two questions please:
> First, are you going through Vandelay, or using another method?
> Second, how are you handling the call number records?  Is the vendor
> contributing those as well?
> Thanks.  --  Glen.
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