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I'm am not aware of a way you can currently change the default sort. If the sort dropdown were available on the basic search screen, you could set the default by adding a parameter to your URL that sets the sort to another method. I guess it would be possible to either add the sort dropdown there or maybe a hidden field that sets to sort to the other method.

However, when https://bugs.launchpad.net/evergreen/+bug/1549505 is added to Evergreen (hopefully in 2.11) there will be a new global flag that sets the default sort for the catalog. The flag will not, however, have the ability to set a different default for individual org units.


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In our consortium, the default Sort Order of search results is Relevancy. Some of our libraries would like it to default to Publication Date: Newest to Oldest. Is it possible to change this default? If so, how? (I can’t find it in Library Settings.) ...and is it possible to have a different default for individual org units?

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