On behalf of 2.9 release maintainer Jason Stephenson, myself as 2.10
release maintainer, and everybody who has contributed, I am pleased to
announce the release of Evergreen 2.9.6 and 2.10.6.

Evergreen 2.9.7 fixes the following issues:

* The claims never checked out counter on the patron record is now
incremented correctly when marking a lost loan as
* When a transit is canceled, the copy’s status is changed only if its
status was previously “In Transit”.
* Retrieving records with embedded holdings via SRU and Z39.50 is now faster.
* The hold status message in the public catalog now uses better grammar.
* The error message displayed when a patron attempts to place a hold
but is prevented from doing so due to policy reasons is now more
likely to be useful.
* The public catalog now draws the edition statement only from the 250
field; it no longer tries to check the 534 and 775 fields.
* Embedded schema.org microdata now uses “offeredBy” rather than “seller”.
* The ContentCafe added content plugin now handles the “fake” ISBNs
that Baker and Taylor assigns to media items.
* Attempting to renew a rental or deposit item in the public catalog
no longer causes an internal server error.
* Various format icons now have transparent backgrounds (as opposed to white).
* The staff client will no longer wait indefinitely for Novelist to
supply added content, improving its responsiveness.
* A few additional strings are now marked as translatable.

Evergreen 2.10.6 fixes the same issues fixed in 2.9.7, and also fixes
the following:

* Those stock Action Trigger event definitions that send email will
now include a Date header.
* Prorating invoice charges now works again.
* A performance issue with sorting entries on the public catalog
circulation history page is fixed.
* Various style and responsive design improvements are made to the
circulation and holds history pages in the public catalog.
* The public catalog holds history page now indicates if a hold had
been fulfilled.

Evergreen 2.10.6 also includes updated translations. In particular,
Spanish has received a huge update with over 9,000 new translations,
Czech has received a sizable update of over 800 translations, and
additional smaller updates have been added for Arabic, French
(Canada), and Armenian.

Please visit the downloads page
(https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/) to retrieve the server
software and staff clients.


Galen Charlton
Infrastructure and Added Services Manager
Equinox Software, Inc. / Open Your Library
email:  g...@esilibrary.com
direct: +1 770-709-5581
cell:   +1 404-984-4366
skype:  gmcharlt
web:    http://www.esilibrary.com/
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