Dan Wells, build master extraordinaire, has put together a fresh
tarball containing the beta effort of Evergreen 2.11, and it is
available for download[1] now.

The 2.11 release includes many bug fixes and enhancements, and several
cool new features, the full details of which you can see in the
release notes[2] and change log[3].  Some highlights are:

* Improved email date handling
* Authority update improvements
* The result of remote transit abort is now less confusing for staff
* Ability to email receipts at desk checkout and self-checkout
* Lots of My Account UI improvements
* Record Badges (popularity ranking)
* SIP driver improvements
* Massive updates to translations

Thanks to everyone working to make the 2.11 release great.  Keep up
the good work.

Committers, don't hesitate to merge signed-off bug fixes.  If there's
any question as to whether something is a bug fix or a feature, please

Those of you without the commit bit, there's much you can do as well.
If you'd like to help out over the next weeks as we march toward
2.11.0, please download the tarball and give it a test drive!  If you
can also test and sign-off fixes, that is extremely helpful.

Next Wednesday marks our cut off for Release Candidate, so if you have
new bug fixes to create, you have a week and a day to get them tested
and committed.  After that, it will be critical bug fixes only!

Thanks, everyone!


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