Hi Jennifer,

I remember configuring this and testing the functionality briefly.

I think the issue that most commonly occurs with using this feature is
that it's actually based on action triggers.

There is an action_trigger.event_definition and in stock
installations, it's ID 36 - named "circ.staff_age_to_lost" that needs
to be enabled.  It ships default active = false.

You have to set that to true in the definition, and also add a param
to the event_params for that definition for an "editor" value.  I set
ours to an editor value of 1 (the admin user ID), but you could use
any staff member ID that had the permission to change an item from
overdue to lost for the library units in question.  Another reason I
chose to use the 1 admin user was because there is only one
action/trigger event definition as owned by 1 (the consortium highest
level), so I wanted it to work for any instance the event was needed.

Once that template has been configured, using the Age Overdue Circs to
Lost feature will mark any and all overdue circulations up to whatever
point you specify as lost via the A/T events, the next time the
action_trigger_runner script goes through its paces.  It could take
some time depending on the scope of the action.

I have not tested it in the staff client recently to determine if
there's any safety measures with regards to org unit scoping or
permissions for staff to prevent them from marking overdue to lost for
org units beyond their ability.  Something for you to test further and
report back on :)

Good luck, hope this helps a little.

-- Ben

PS:  For reference, you can view this original commit for the
implementation of this feature, it contains a very brief mention about
the template and editor changes --

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 5:42 PM, Jennifer Pringle
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> Hello,
> Is anyone currently using the Age Overdue Circs to Lost functionality in
> Evergreen?  (Admin -> Local Administration -> Age Overdue Circs to Lost)
> We've started testing this and so far haven't been able to get it to work.
> Any information or documentation to point us in the right direction would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer
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