Hey all,

I've spent the last couple days installing the Evergreen server software and 
its required components and made it to the end of the instructions where I 
logged in via srfsh and got a success response back.

Now, I'm trying to connect to the server using the Staff Client on Windows. The 
server status check passes, but when I try to login I get a dialog box with the 
message in the subject line - TypeError: 
document.getElementById("commonStrings") is null.

I know it's not much to go off of, but could anyone tell me where I could start 
to figure out what the issue could be? The logs aren't too helpful as far as I 
can tell, and "document.getElementById("commonStrings")" is referenced in a few 
dozen places in the code, so I can't be sure where it's originating at the 

Thanks in advance!

Dan Strauss
Development Engineer
Datalogics, Inc.

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