I have a few problems with using the Evergreen self check that I haven't
been able to solve.

1.  Often times after checking out when I click Logout the tracking bar
just hangs and nothing prints.  I have enabled pop-ups and set my receipt
printer as the default.  The library has open hours entered in the org
unit. The computer will print to the printer.  It's just a problem after
checking out items in the self check.  This is more of a problem in Firefox
than Chrome.

2.  Using Firefox if I assign workstation then when I try to log in with
the staff login I get Login Failed.  If I do not assign a workstation the
login works.

https://[hostname]/eg/circ/selfcheck/main?ws=[workstation name]

[hostname] is my server and I do enter a real workstation name at the end.

Testing today was on 2.10.5.  A library experiencing these problems is
using 2.9.5.

Thank you for any tips.


Joan Kranich
C/W MARS Member Services
508-755-3323 ext. 321 or ext. 1

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