As always, you are very helpful!   I just need sometimes to be pointed in the 
right direction.  I’ll do some more fishing around…



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Hi Jennifer,

By default they live on the server at /openils/var/templates/marc

There is more good information here about them:

You can certainly create new ones.  A year or two ago I did some searching 
around and found where several other consortiums had shared their own 
collections they had made (because I'd rather re-use than re-invent).  There is 
probably more information on the wiki and/or checking irc logs assuming you've 
already searched email histories.

As for why that function doesn't exist in the staff client?  The short answer 
is that no one has prioritized it high enough to commit the development 
resources to it.

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All –

We are having some problems with two of our MARC templates.  They will not 
load.   Where are they housed?  How are the created?   What would make them go 

*** Can we create more?   It seems odd to me that I cannot do this within the 
staff client.  Why not?   Where is it if I can?   I see the Copy Templates 
Editor.  Why not a ‘MARC templates editor’?

Right now, when we go to “Cataloging” > “Create new MARC Record” we see several 
that are available for our other location, but not ours.  And when we click on 
one that we used to use, we are getting a Network Error.

Any assistance is helpful.


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