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The most important thing I've seen outside of notices in the database scripts 
is that you'll need to add a new section to opensrf.xml. Bill explained it on 
2/26 here:<,1,Pk82CqOIs5__wFgQQGK9Ll_Nf8Cz13xBAChgRu9NwN1yXIbqVSAUji0Fq7P1fswWk4iiv_NdJ2imFZSJzc8iI6qLdM68eFFnCMQ-pdTu21ZpCdfugQ,,&typo=1>
 I think it's otherwise fairly straightforward but I haven't done it yet 
either! :)


Jason Boyer
MIS Supervisor
Indiana State Library

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Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] upgrade 2.9.0 to 2.11.0

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We're preparing to upgrade from 2.9.0 to 2.11.0. I see there aren't upgrade 
instructions posted at<,1,hWlS2xbLwFZbTRHEfkcN7hkWaVvFFxz3BJtYERAmRHBFzQvpnuAcFfKURehHS_D4MSgrinE-d3m2iMWQ5FezAVm-rUs_14RxTxen38Nu&typo=1>

Anything weird or worthy of sharing for this upgrade? Haven't heard much which 
I'm taking as a good sign. Thanks in advance!


Holly Brennan
Technology Specialist
Homer Public Library
Homer, Alaska<>
907-435-3154 (direct)
907-235-3180 (main desk)

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