For the second year in a row the Outreach Committee will be putting
together a community annual report.  If you have any high resolution photos
from an Evergreen event that you would like to send to me I would be
grateful.  I can take photos by email, git repo, flickr feed, sftp, carrier
pigeon*, etc... .

An Evergreen event could be anything from the annual conference or
Hack-A-Way to any number of events at a member library that are Evergreen
centric such as during a migration or staff training.

A few requirements:

1) I need high resolution since this will be printed so those taken by a
dedicated camera or fairly recent smartphone will be fine.  If they've been
uploaded to social photo sharing services like Facebook or it's like they
often resize the photos to save on bandwidth.

2) Make sure you own the copyright for the photo and state that you are
releasing it for our use and reproduction in your email to me.  Tell me how
you would like to be credited.  If you're releasing the photo under a
community license like Creative Commons, all the better!

3) Please make sure the photo was taken with consent of those in the
photo.  At some community events we have colored lanyards with green
lanyards meaning that permission is implicit and yellow means it must be
asked.  If at an event without lanyards verbal permission to the
photographer is adequate.  If I see a photo with an event red lanyard I
will either not use the photo or perhaps try to crop them out if that's

Thank you all in advance!

* If using carrier pigeon please tie a usb stick to their leg securely,
they are known to bite off poorly connected data archives.

Rogan R. Hamby, Data and Project Analyst
Equinox - Open Your Library
1-877-OPEN-ILS | www.esilibrary.com

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