Just a quick question:

Is there a way to add a field to a context menu which is displayed when one uses MARC Edit screen (in desktop staff client) and right-clicks on a bib record field which uses authority data? When one right-clicks on author's name, a context menu with suitable authority records appears. If a particular authority record is previewed, fields such as 100 show up. Could another field (such as 678 which contains biographical data and could be used for disambiguation) be displayed in this context menu?

Maybe something like a tag-tables service (http://docs.evergreen-ils.org/2.10/_cataloging_3.html) and "values supplied by the tag-table service are used to populate values in context menus in the web staff client MARC editor" in particular could be used for this purpose?

(Currently we are using 2.10.7 and are interested in this feature either for desktop or web staff client.)

Thank you for any hints!


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