On behalf of the release maintainers and buildmasters, we are pleased
to announce the release of Evergreen 2.10.8 and 2.11.1, both bugfix

Evergreen 2.10.8 fixes the following issues:

* A fix to that provides alphabetical sorting to the fund selector in
the Acquisitions Selection List -> Copies interface.
* The addition of a progress bar that displays when conducting a
patron search in the web client.
* A fix to the web client patron interface so that total Items Out in
the patron summary now includes overdue and long overdue items. It
will also include Lost and Claims Returned items when the appropriate
library setting is enabled.
* A change to the public catalog My Account screen where the font for
leading articles will now be smaller when sorting a list by title.
* A fix to subject links in the catalog’s record summary page so that
periods are no longer stripped from resulting subject searches,
leading to more accurate results when those links are clicked.
* A fix to avoid avoid unint warnings in the logs for prox_cache in
* A fix to rounding errors that occured when summing owed/paid totals
for display in the catalog’s credit card payment form.
* A change to sort behavior in the My Account screens. Previously, a
third click on a column header returned the list to its original sort
order. Clicking column headers will now simply toggle the sort between
ascending and descending order.
* The Permalink option on the catalog’s record summary page will now
be hidden in the staff client because clicking the link in the client
led to no discernable change for users.
* A fix to the text of a notice that displays when migrating
circulation history during the upgrade to 2.10.
* An improvement to the performance for the lookup of a user’s circ
history by adding an index on action.usr_circ_history(usr).
* A fix so that when a bib record’s fingerprint changes, it gets
correctly moved to a different metarecord.

In additional, the Spanish translation is now fully enabled.

Evergreen 2.11.1 fixes the same issues fixed in 2.10.8, and also fixes
the following:

* A fix to the display of permanent lists in the catalog, which had
broken in 2.11.0.
* A fix to the web client checkin screen allowing users to click the
title of the checked-in item to retrieve the bib record for that item.

Please visit the downloads page
<https://evergreen-ils.org/egdownloads/> to retrieve the server
software and staff clients.


Galen Charlton
Infrastructure and Added Services Manager
Equinox Software, Inc. / Open Your Library
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direct: +1 770-709-5581
cell:   +1 404-984-4366
skype:  gmcharlt
web:    http://www.esilibrary.com/
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