All -

All of a sudden we have had numerous notices going out to our faculty for items 
that were due, but have since  been turned in.   What on earth!?

  Here are our triggers / notices:


  Is anything wrong here??    Is there a hook or a validator wrong?   
Specifically on the "overdue" triggers.

What would cause notices to all of a sudden go out?   And at this point, we are 
only aware that they went out to one profile group - our faculty.  That group 
generally has a due date of the end of the semester, but the items / people 
getting the notices had some other interim due dates.  Plus the items have been 
confirmed to be ALREADY CHECKED IN!     What else should I be looking at?

  We are on Evergreen 2.10.5

  Thanks for any insight you can provide!

Jennifer Walz, MLS - Head of ILS Horrors
Kinlaw Library  - Asbury University
1 Macklem Drive, Wilmore, KY 40390
859-858-3511 ext. 2269

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