Hi Jessica,

Here is a trigger template (lightly tested) that does this for the
selfcheck items out slip:

[%- USE date -%]
[%- SET user = target.0.usr -%]
    <style> li { padding: 8px; margin 5px; }</style>
    <div>[% date.format %]</div>
    [% user.family_name %], [% user.first_given_name %]
    [% FOR circ IN target %]
            <div>[% helpers.get_copy_bib_basics(circ.target_copy.id).title
            <div>Barcode: [% circ.target_copy.barcode %]</div>
            <div>Due Date: [%
date.format(helpers.format_date(circ.due_date), '%Y-%m-%d') %]</div>
            <div>[% SET total = total +
helpers.get_copy_price(circ.target_copy) %]</div>

    [% END %]

<div>You saved $[% total %] by using your library!</div>


Should be similar for the checkout slip.

We do have some libraries that use a different receipt configuration than
the system-wide one. These were set up by cloning the consortium trigger,
tweaking the template and setting the Owning Library to the match the
library that wanted the custom slip.

Hope this is helpful,

Michele M. Morgan, Technical Support Analyst
North of Boston Library Exchange, Danvers Massachusetts

On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 1:20 PM, Jessica Woolford <jwoolf...@biblio.org>

> Hi all,
> Last week, we had a library request that the message that says, "You saved
> $XX.XX by using your library today!" (where $XX.XX would be the total cost
> of the items checked out) be added to their self check receipts. I know
> this is possible for receipts printed from the staff client, but because
> the self check receipts are managed from Notification/Action triggers, I
> understand that the code would need to be different. Has anybody figured
> out a way to get this on their self check receipts?
> On a related note, does anyone have separate receipt configuration for the
> libraries using self check, or do your libraries share the same template?
> Our libraries all share the same template right now.
> Thanks!
> Jessica
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