Assuming I am not the only interested party.  If I am, maybe someone would be 
willing to take a little time and help me sort through some of the process.   
In regards to the question though…


Basically walking through the process from the beginning.  I am not wanting 
this to be a programming class but rather one on how to interact with the 


Acquiring credentials ( probably needs very little attention…the WIKI covers 
this very well.)

Recommended tools for working with GitHub.  (Again, not hard to connect but 
maybe there are better tools than some of us have found)

The big thing, at least for me, is how one navigates the project after PULLING 
it.   So many threads it is a bit overwhelming.   

An overview of the project so if I wanted to make changes to a particular area 
I could have a reasonable chance of finding it.

Making and Submitting changes.






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This is something (as a general topic) that was discussed at the Hack-A-Way 
quite a bit.  Assuming you'd be an interested p party in attending I'm curious 
what you would see as topics that could be covered versus what skills should be 




On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 9:34 AM, Donald Butterworth 
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> wrote:

Any chance we could offer "Evergreen Programming 101" for programmers who want 
to begin contributing code, but don't want to get in over their head? 


On Fri, Nov 18, 2016 at 2:01 PM, Garry Collum < 
<> > wrote:

Hi all,


The 2017 Evergreen International Conference Committee is seeking proposals for 
3 hour long pre-conference workshops to take place on Wednesday April 5th, 2017.


A few weeks ago the committee performed a survey to see what types of programs 
people would be interested in attending.  The results of the survey included 
the following:


 SQL (PostgreSQL)




 Using Acquisitions


 Using Serials


 Holds configuration.


 Cataloging clean-up/deduplication


 Linked data


 How to use git


 How to contribute documentation


 Action triggers, how, what, when


 Cataloging in a consortia environment


 Web client in depth



Selected presenters will be offered complimentary conference registration.


The original deadline for submission of proposals for pre-conference workshops 
was November 24, 2016.  Because of my error of posting the notice only to the 
developer's listserv, I would like to extend that deadline to December 8, 2016.


Please contact Garry Collum at ( 
<> ) or Anna Goben at 
( <> ) with any questions.




Please submit proposals to 
<> .




 Garry Collum


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Don Butterworth
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