John, do you mean that the summary balance under the bills tab shows nothing?


I’ve seen this happen when I’ve changed values in the money.payments table 
instead of the table the corresponds with the payment type.  There are 
materialized views (a summary table that is kept in sync with triggers instead 
of pulling live data) that can get out of sync with reality.  It could be that 
the triggers that keep the summary tables up to date have been broken.  I think 
you need someone to take a look at the money.* tables and triggers to make sure 
they match up with your releases setting.

The summary tables can be re-created from the systems current state to get the 
values back in line.

You can check on this by choosing a patron that shows the symptoms, and looking 
at a few tables for that patron.  You need sql access for this.

·         money.usr_summary should show that users balance totals.

·         Money.billable_xact_summary should show a summary for each bill for 
that customer.  If they should have a fine, but it shows a zero balance for 
that bill, then the money.billable_xact_summary is out of sync.

·         Money.billings for the same bill should show the fine.

Josh Stompro - LARL IT Director

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Hi folks,

At least two of our member libraries in the Maine Balsam Consortium are 
perplexed and vexed. I've copied their problem below in hopes someone in the 
Evergreen world might have experienced (and solved) a similar issue.

I thank all in advance for any shared wisdom.


John R. Clark-treasurer, Maine Balsam Library consortium

Evergreen no longer adds fines to a patron’s account.  When an item is returned 
and checked in it shows that a fine has accrued, but when we go to that 
patron’s account there is nothing under bills……But click on bills and  overdues 
are there!  It started at first just on movies and now its books as well. How 
can we get accrued fines to show?


Retired librarian, author, freelance editor, book reviewer

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