I think your solution of a dedicated workstation or login seems like the easiest way to track it. You could generate a report to see how many transactions occurred for that login. We haven't implemented it yet, but we hope to do the same thing with our self-check workstations. We created a unique login for those workstations so we could see how often they get used.
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On 12/21/2016 10:54 AM, Yamil Suarez wrote:
Hello everyone,

We are a somewhat small library, and we recently started using a library
dropbox. I want to start tracking how often the drop box is used. We use
barcodes on our items, and was planning on tracking check ins of the
items left inside the drop box.

I was wondering what workflows are used at your libraries to track these
check ins. I have thought of using a dedicated login or a dedicated
check in station. Since I think I can track these values in the
circulation table. BTW, the dedicated station would be within a virtual
machine, to make sure it only gets used for the drop bock check ins.

Wondering if there are better and/or smarter approaches using my general
setup, besides switching to RFIDs, etc.

Thanks in advance,


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