I'm looking for some guidance. I just got a MS Surface Pro 4/Windows 10
system to replace an aging desktop workstation and I've run into a problem
with the Evergreen client. The display is seriously small on most screens,
such as the opening portal screen, the Advance Search screen, the OPAC
view, patron registration, and more. The volume/copy editor is a more
normally sized display; the record bucket isn't too bad, but when you go to
merge records, the MARC record is too small to read. This is a problem even
when I am using a full sized monitor attached to the machine.

I've played with client workstation settings to change font size. I've
played with various screen resolutions in Windows. I've tried changes to
the compatibility settings in the properties of the software, trying
running is as though it was in Windows 7 and disabling the display scaling
on high DPI settings. I've tried running compatibility tests. Nothing
helps. The compatibility test reports the client is incompatible, yet I
have colleagues using the client on a regular laptop and Windows 10 with no

Is there anything else I can do to fix the display?

Thanks in advance,


Mary Llewellyn
Database Manager
Bibliomation, Inc.
24 Wooster Ave.
Waterbury, CT 06708

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