Hello, I just started working on setting up a process to try and find instances 
where patrons attempt to checkout items at the self check, the checkout is 
denied, but they take the item home with them anyways since they don't realized 
it was denied.  (I'm referring to the web based self check interface BTW).

Currently the road I'm going down is to search the osrfsys.log for instances of 
"circulator: do_permit()" that are for our self check staff users.  Then 
looking up the status for all copies listed and taking a look at all those that 
are not currently checked out, or those that don't have a check in time after 
the do_permit call timestamp.

Has anyone else gone down this road before?  Could I see how you have your 
checks setup?

My hope is to be able to have a better feedback loop to try and talk to and 
educate customers that do this.  Right now the only time we realize it happens 
is when items on the holdshelf get marked missing when they expire, and then 
the customer gets another copy send to them, and they say that they just 
checked it out.

I think we also need to work on the self check interface to give users a better 
chance at seeing blocked checkout messages.  Does anyone know of a usb 
connected caution light that we could stick on the top of the self check, to 
flash when an error occurs, and a way to plumb it in to the process.  Maybe a 
strobe light or confetti dropper or smoke machine!


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