Hi Jesse,

I believe there are two steps you need to take:

(1) Set the physical_loc environment variable in the Apache config for each of your subdomains, using a directive like this:

    SetEnv physical_loc 4

(2) In your library settings, set "Org Unit Hiding Depth" to the appropriate value for each library. Here's the description for that setting:

This will hide certain org units in the public OPAC if the Physical Location (url param "physical_loc") for the OPAC inherits this setting. This setting specifies an org unit depth, that together with the OPAC Physical Location determines which section of the Org Hierarchy should be visible in the OPAC. For example, a stock Evergreen installation will have a 3-tier hierarchy (Consortium/System/Branch), where System has a depth of 1 and Branch has a depth of 2. If this setting contains a depth of 1 in such an installation, then every library in the System in which the Physical Location belongs will be visible, and everything else will be hidden. A depth of 0 will effectively make every org visible. The embedded OPAC in the staff client ignores this setting.

Hope that helps!

On 2017-02-01 09:24 AM, Jesse McCarty wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if there are any configurations to restrict searches to
a single library in a consortium setup? We have four libraries in our
Evergreen system, all setup for access in sub-domains
(Burlington.skagitcat.org, laconner.skagitcat.org etc…). Occasionally
the search drop down gets switched/changed to search all the libraries
instead of the local library, which causes some confusion for patrons
looking for a book in our library when they don’t realize the search
result is showing them a book in a different library. There any
configuration to eliminate the other options from the drop down box in
the web OPAC? Screenshot for reference attached, we would like to keep
the searches on the Burlington Public Library, but sometimes the box
gets set to Skagit Evergreen Libraries.

Thanks in advance

Jesse McCarty

City of Burlington

IT Technical Assistant

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